Blog Design

summertime blues

Inspired by the song Rock and Roll by David Essex, this is a sultry, smokey blue theme.


Slush being the cold and wet remains of various snows, no longer peaceful or white. A very fun exercise in CSS3 and HTML5. There are absolutely no graphics in this template. If you are using a browser that doesn’t support CSS3, you will see a very simple page. If you are using Chrome, Safari or a more recent version of Firefox, you should see some neat effects.


This was a muted design developed at the end of 2010 to reflect the soft colors and cooler temperatures of the oncoming winter.

Spring 2010

This design started a while ago, actually, but the navigation didn’t work in IE6 – at all. I sorted that out, but you’ll notice I use a lot of PNG transparency, and despite fixing IE6 bugs most of the time, I couldn’t be bothered to fix the margin bug on the sidebar this go-round or the PNG transparency issue. So, now the navigation is jazzy, but the rest of the site is fubar in IE6, and I’m okay with that. The top image is the Philadelphia skyline, inspired by what it looks like when I walked home from University City last year, at sunset.

Winter 2009

Winter is cold, mysterious, and darkly whimsical. That’s represented in this design, which relies heavily on icons from Paradis24434, IconDrawer, and a beautiful header image by gtg.

Summer 2009

Bold purples, oranges and blues with sunflowers. See the whole original, beautiful image used in the masthead.

Spring 2009

Subtle blues, browns and pinks with cherry blossoms.